Crystal Palace Shiatsu client lanIan
I suffer with stiffness in my joints as a result of too much driving and sitting behind a computer, tobys shiatsu massage helps me tremendously, I would highly recommend his services as they always have a beneficial affect.
Crystal Palace Shiatsu client MargaretMargaret
Toby comes to my home and really helps with my weak back, after his treatments I not only feel more flexible, but I also sleep better and have more energy for days afterwards.
Crystal Palace Shiatsu client amandaAmanda
I decided to give toby’s Shiatsu a try whilst struggling with long covid, his treatments really helped re-program my Nervous system and brought my heart rate down enough to lessen my anxiety quite considerably.
Crystal Palace Shiatsu customer venettaVenetta Royal
I’d been feeling really tired recently and was finding it difficult to relax properly. Saw Toby who did shiatsu on my back and legs. Wow! I kind of went to sleep and woke up feeling so much better. And lighter. Thank you so much! Already booked again for another session.
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