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Benefits Of Receiving Shiatsu Massage Regularly


Pain and Discomfort

Shiatsu stimulates our sensory nerves to produce natural pain relieving chemicals to relieve pain and assist thee body to heal itself


Depression and Anxiety

The Neuroendocrine-mediative effect of Shiatsu can modulate mood and affect neural circuits, bringing down stress and feelings of anxiety and depression


Sleep Issues

By working directly with the nervous system shiatsu can help to strengthen and support our ability to relax and sleep


Structural problems

Shiatsu works energetically to release tension and release structural difficulties from the root cause in order to offer long term relief


Body Awareness

Receiving Shiatsu regularly can help us become more aware of what our body is trying to tell us, enabling to live in harmony with our body


Digestive distress

Shiatsu helps stimulate healthy food passage by easing the stress stopping healthy digestion. It also assists in assisting in the removal of waste products and helps release healthy digestive enzymes.

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Shiatsu Treatment

Shiatsu Treatment

  • First Treatment 1.5 hours


Shiatsu Treatment

Shiatsu Treatment

  • Follow up Treatment 1 hour


Sleep Treatment

Sleep Treatment

  • First Treatment 1.5 hours


Sleep Treatment

Sleep Treatment

  • Follow up Treatment 1 hour


What Our Clients Think

Client Testimonials


I suffer with stiffness in my joints as a result of too much driving and sitting behind a computer, tobys shiatsu massage helps me tremendously, I would highly recommend his services as they always have a beneficial affect


Toby comes to my home and really helps with my weak back, after his treatments I not only feel more flexible, but I also sleep better and have more energy for days afterwards


I decided to give toby’s Shiatsu a try whilst struggling with long covid, his treatments realled helped re-program my Nervous system and brought my heart rate down enough to lessen my anxiety quite considerably.

Ian, Chislehurst
Margret, Chislehurst
Amanda, Orpington








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    Most Common Questions Asked About Shiatsu

    Shiatsu FAQ’s


    Is Shiatsu Massage a painful experience?

    No, shiatsu is a completely bespoke style of massage, pressure is applied with the patient’s comfort level in mind.


    What does Shiatsu do to the body?

    Shiatsu creates a passive stretch of the whole body, relaxing and energising us where we most need it.


    How will I feel afterwards?

    Most patients leave with feelings calm and relaxed, while other have reported feeling energised and full of life.

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